Healing Herbs From Your Kitchen and Garden

Published on: 10th February 2020
By Rosa Adams

Most of us have various herbs and spices in our kitchen cupboards and gardens that would make tasty, healing teas either alone or in combination, but few of us (if any) would know what to use for different ailments. Or how much to put in per cup, how to prepare it, which bits to use, how often to drink it, whether it would need sweetening and with what etc etc. 
Our local herbalist, Mary Tassell will be here this Wednesday 12th with a selection of teas and infusions for you to try out and to answer your questions.
Mary also offers short 1:1 consultations before her talk. She will be available for this from 2.15 and her talk will start around 2.45

Rosa Adams: 10th Feb 2020 18:39:00