Published on: 12th March 2020
By Rosa Adams


Dear member


Following today’s announcement from the government, which has raised the Coronavirus Response to the 'delay phase', we have looked again at whether or not to temporarily suspend our meetings.


After further discussions with other groups, the chair, Dick, has decided NOT to suspend group meetings. He issued the following advice to all our members to protect themselves and others in order to delay the further spread of the Coronavirus:

“Butterflies meetings will continue each week for now, but as many members have compromised immune systems due to their medical conditions please be aware that if you are feeling unwell, with a dry cough, high temperature, shortness of breath or have cold symptoms, DO NOT ATTEND ANY MEETINGS - including helping out at events. Please self isolate for seven days and contact the 111 NHS service.

If you feel that you may be at risk, or worried about infection whilst attending a meeting, we fully understand if you cannot attend, and we appreciate your help in not spreading this virus.

Please remember the medical advice of frequent hand washing and to ring 111 if you have any concerns about your well-being. 

A huge part of our support group is the support we give each other. If you’re unable to attend meetings but would still like to have somebody to talk to, we now have a “Buddy List” of members who are happy to chat with you over the phone. The list with their names and phone numbers will be circulated shortly. If you would like to be added to the Buddy List to support other members, please let Rosa know: 07737


If the current situation changes either way, you will be kept informed of our decisions.”


Dick Foad


Butterflies Support Group

Rosa Adams: 12th Mar 2020 20:45:00