Meetings to resume in Borough Gardens (socially distanced)

Published on: 8th September 2020
By Tracee Cossey

Butterflies has had a risk assessment done with the Council in order to meet in Borough Gardens, if the weather holds. We will still meet on Wednesdays, but from 2-3 (and ongoing if people want to stay a bit longer), unless the weather is inclement. The first Wednesday we will meet is next Wednesday, 16th September 2020. If you are not sure if it is on, you can contact us on 07591 110672 or 07792 637935 to check. We will convene at the Bandstand at 2pm and chairs and a table will be set up in the corner of Borough Gardens. Masks are optional.

Tracee Cossey: 8th Sep 2020 11:07:00


Meetings To Resume In Borough Gardens (socially Distanced)

Butterflies Newsletter 8th September 2020

Butterflies Newsletter 7th July 2020

Hello everyone, In between regular viewings of Frozen and Moana (both Disney) with my munchkin, I have been looking at selling ‘things’ (products) including oils and aloe vera products, amongst other ‘body-related’ and cosmetic products, including one by a ‘well-known high street retailer’ that does parties at home (obviously not right for the current situation but for the future) – it’s looking like I may have a partner-in-crime for said parties too...I have therefore been busy setting up Facebook and Instagram accounts and getting it all ready for the ‘off’. It has been fun honing my social media skills and I actually wore make-up for the school run this morning… Butterflies are looking to hold a socially-distanced picnic Wednesday meeting in Borough Gardens so we can all see each other in person, which will be really welcome. Obviously, this activity will be weather permitting, so when it picks up a bit, we’ll send out an invite through our message alerts on the Butterflies system.

Butterflies Newsletter 18th June 2020

Hello Everyone, Welcome to our latest newsletter. Still not exactly resting on my laurels (although probably the most rested I’ve been for some ten years), I’ve nearly completed a Project Management course and gained ‘postgraduate’ status in the travel training industry from Travel University. I love certificates! In other news, I’ve entered miss mini-me into ‘Mini Miss Virtual Ireland’ (she has Irish blood, and there were lots of entries for Miss England/UK so has more chance of success).