Important (but quick!) Survey

Published on: 13th January 2021
By Rosa Adams


Hello Butterflies

I’ve been asked to send you all this questionnaire from the CQC about cancer care that you had, or should have had, during the pandemic. The CQC will use the results to drive cancer care forward in the near future.


It’s a very quick survey, with only 7 questions, and is looking at your care needs from all services such as physio, chemo or blood tests. The first question ("Can you tell us about the steps you took during the pandemic once you became concerned by your symptoms?") appears to be relating to a cancer diagnosis, but actually it also relates to other concerns as well, such as side effects of chemo etc.


It’s vitally important that as many people as possible fill in the survey so that the CQC get an accurate view of what our circumstances are.


Here is the link for the survey:


I hope you’re all managing to cope during this latest lockdown, but if you need any support then please make use of the buddy list numbers that are on our website.


Stay safe everyone 

Love Rosa xx

Rosa Adams: 13th Jan 2021 17:21:00