Published on: 20th January 2022
By Melanie Whatley

  Our new allotment is starting to take shape, it's in a prime place at the Herringston site n.o 37a if anyone would like a look. We have a new shed put up and are going

  to have two raised beds one for herbs and the other for salad for anyone who is unable to work at ground level. Even if you are unable to work the land (so to speak) 

  it's a beautiful plot just to come and sit (maybe bring a flask and a sandwich). It is the entrance opposite the Weldmar hospice just a little way in on the left. I think it's

  a fabulous place for mind, body and soul; so please feel free to come and have a look and any knowledge would be a great help




Melanie Whatley: 20th Jan 2022 09:43:00