Newsletter 4th May 2018

Published on: 4th May 2018
By Butterflies Cancer Support Group Dorchester

Hi Everyone

We’ve had a few nice days over the past week, and on Thursday I was feeling particularly blessed. I’d spent some time with my daughter in the morning and then sat out in the sunshine for the afternoon to crochet and watch my new kitten play with the other cats. In the evening I had some time with the grandchildren. It had been a lovely, warm, lazy spring day, and for once my pain was at a bearable level – life felt good

Today of course the weather was very different, and I have nothing but praise for our volunteers who bravely set their alarms ridiculously early to go and help out at the Weymouth Half Marathon. Margaret, Shaun, Sarah Foddy, Pete and C’Siders you’re all stars! Thank you!!


Do you need help with your garden? I have had this email from Lesley Randall at Employ My Ability:

“Our Senior Partner at Employ My Ability is keen for some of our more able horticulture students to start getting involved in community work and has agreed that we should offer free gardening help to local cancer patients in Weymouth and Dorchester who need short term support with simple gardening tasks such as lawn mowing, hedge trimming, weeding and general tidying.

We are not offering a free ongoing gardening service but a short term solution to cancer patients who are temporarily unable to maintain their own gardens.

We can only help a few people so this is a limited trial offer.

If anyone attending Butterflies is interested in using this free service let me know and pass on their details and I’ll pass them on to Simon who will be supporting and accompanying the student(s).”

Lesley’s email is:

Butterflies Cancer Support Group Dorchester: 4th May 2018 09:52:00